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Our smart stores allow 24/7 access in

work spaces, offices, gyms, universities,

or anywhere hungry people are,

providing culture, health, wellness,
and productivity.

Say goodbye to skipping meals while you go
about your day and all the downsides
that come along with it.

We have modern day solutions
for modern day problems.

Say hello to the new normal.

The future is here!



We are reinventing
the way you see
fast food.

We work with businesses who want
to answer the call of change
by conveniently offering healthier
options than traditional
vending machines.

Making healthy dietary choices
ultimately drives employee

engagement and helps create

a team of happy, thriving people.


Whether your location is full of
hungry workers, apartment
dwellers, or students,
anyone can swipe a credit card,
grab a fresh meal, healthy snack
or drink, and go!

A flexible solution for any type of location.

    Use Healthy Made Easy Vending to offer your gym-goers a pre or post workout healthy solution. Ranging from snacks, meals & beverages at the swipe and touch of a button, your clients will always feel they have the best options available.
    Healthcare settings benefit from a 24/7 fresh food option available to employees, patients, and visitors.
    Whether a manufacturing warehouse or a cutting edge tech office, HME Vending allow workplaces to offer fresh food available for purchase on-site.
    Use Healthy Made Easy Vending to meet the needs of the late night traveler, sell fresh juices and salads in your hotel gym, or augment room service altogether - the possibilities are endless.
    Use Healthy Made Easy Vending to extend the hours or reach of school cafeterias or embed them whithin dorms to offer students the ultimate convenience.

we work

we're proud to properly fuel

successful companies every day

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